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If you can dream it,
you can build it!

- Walt Disney -

Start out on the journey to build your dream World.
Form Worlds, shape Continents, flesh out Characters, blazingly fast and super simple!


Make your dreams come true and create a World the way you want it!


Ikarus was built with maximum flexibility in mind. The sky is your only limit!


Stories have been told for millennia. Ikarus is here to raise story telling on a new level!


Ikarus provides 
creative solutions for all your needs!

Ikarus is a tool for creating and building your own world. Unlike other world-building tools, it provides you with a completely customisable experience with infinite possibilities to express yourself and structure your data!


Storytelling, Worldbuilding,

Benefit from Ikarus in situations you never knew you needed improvement on! You are the creator, the god of your world. Start filling the empty pages of Ikarus with your vision! Be it Pen&Paper, creating your very own universe, or writing the next bestseller – everything lies within your hands!

Ikarus Roadmap

Ikarus is a passion project and We are creating this not only for others, but also for ourselves as well. The project is in a very early stage, and only the fundamental features are implemented yet. As for where we are, and where we want to go, Ikarus includes a roadmap which shows the final goal we are trying to achieve!

User Impressions

Ikarus is great to build/organize your own world or add to an already existing world/system. Once you understand the basic functions, Ikarus offers you so many options, that I probably couldn’t find all of them. And if I should require some help or advice, I can contact the devs or other people on the discord who can help me. I love it!

– McNik –

Ikarus is the first software I have used for world-building. Before Ikarus, I used spreadsheets or good ol‘ pen&paper.
It makes me feel like I just found all action figures from my childhood but I can program them like little robots.
Any Tolkiens, Tinkerers, Messy Dungeon Masters, or Utility fans will like this tool!

– SpiralBetty –

Ikarus is truly versatile and I can include any details I find important when building a world. As a scifi writer I can hone the most unique facets of my fictional environments. I’m enjoying it very much. Ikarus is in early stages and at first glance daunting for someone with no programming experience whatsoever, but the explanation videos are extremely helpful and the devs are contactable and responsive.

– Candle –

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Our Team

Main Developer

Basically everything, especially developing Ikarus itself! Also taking care of FADED and Shadow!

– Folling –

Backend Developer

Developing everything in Backend and helping with stuff here and there!


Premium Supporter

Handling plenty of business stuff, website and community events as well as marketing

– Shadow992 –


Of course plenty of supporters, which we simply can not list all here, but we appreciate your help!

– We love u –


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